Our72Stories was inspired by a story written by M Adrian Brassington. We invite you to check out his novella at

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  • Do you have a story to share about the ’72 Summit Series?
  • Have you invited friends or family to share their stories?
  • Is your local school supportive of collecting stories from grandparents and great grandparents?
  • Have you thought about submitting a story for someone else?
  • Where and when did the story take place?
  • Who was involved and how were they related?
  • What happened?
  • How did it make people feel?
  • What did the series mean to you?
  • Were lives or relationships changed?
  • Did you travel to Moscow?
  • Did you send a telegram to Team Canada?
  • Are you a relative of any of the players, coaches or support staff?
  • Do you have any pictures or images of memorabilia to share?

Stories may be best drafted on your own computer and cut and pasted into Our ’72 Stories.

Upload pictures, audio and video files at anytime. Return to Our ’72 Stories to update an existing story or to add a new story.

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